Wine Education

Our classes will introduce you to the basics of wine appreciation and help you develop skills related to wine evaluation, description, food pairing, and more, all in a fun and relaxed environment. Classes cover topics like:

  • Free Intro to Wine
  • Say Cheese
  • Aromas & Flavors
  • Food & Wine made FUN!
  • Simply Red!

Learn the secrets (and favorites) of the Rock Stars of Wine! Seating is limited so be sure to REGISTER in advance. All classes are taught by staff and guest instructors who know and love the art of wine appreciation. In our classes, you will:

  • Taste many wines from diverse regions.
  • Learn about old world wines, new world wines and fortified wines.
  • Learn about wine and food pairing.
  • Enjoy access to special pricing on select wines.
  • Have a great experience!

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